MediaWest*Con 40 -- May 22-25, 2020 -- Robots Rule!


Programming at MediaWest*Con is conducted under the philosophy of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations);  differences of opinion are to be expected, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. 

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner and treat each other respectfully.  Inappropriate, dangerous, or disruptive behavior may result in revocation of membership to the current and/or future conventions.

Harassment in any form is unacceptable.  Harassment includes offensive verbal comments, deliberate intimidation, stalking, uninvited following, unwelcome photography or recording, sustained disruption of discussions or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and continued unwelcome attention.  Members who are asked to stop harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If you are being harassed by another member, or notice someone being harassed, please inform convention security or any MW*C staff person immediately.  MediaWest*Con staff will work with the harassed person to handle the situation, and reserves the right to take any actions necessary to maintain MediaWest*Con as a safe space, up to and including, but not limited to, revoking the harasser’s membership to the current and/or future conventions.

There is NO SMOKING allowed in any public area of the hotel (including hallways, elevators, etc.) by state law.  There are designated smoking stands outside the entrances. Ramada also has a no e-cigarettes policy.

Convention functions are for the use of MediaWest*Con members only, and the convention reserves the right to refuse admittance to any non-member, other than hotel staff.

Open alcohol  is not allowed in function areas.

No memberships will be available at the door.  Memberships are not transferable.

Anyone found carrying an illegal substance or weapon, acting in an unruly or obnoxious manner, or otherwise causing a disturbance, may have their membership revoked without refund, and be denied admittance for the duration of the convention and/or future conventions.

Simulated weaponry should be handled with discretion, and only inside the hotel. Edged weapons should remain sheathed (except as part of an authorized display or demonstration).

No pyrotechnics.

Pets are not allowed in the Art Show, Dealers' Room (except those belonging to Dealers), and the hotel restaurant.  Limited temporary pet-sitting space may be available.  GoFers/Security posted at doors to function rooms will not hold pets for members entering no-pet areas.  Pets left in hotel rooms should be secured in crates, carriers, or other appropriate containers, both for their own safety and to facilitate housekeeping.  Pets should be on leashes or under similar restraint in convention areas.  Pets who become upset or unmanageable should be removed.  Please keep pets toward the back, right-hand side of audience seating at all panels, etc.  See the map on the back of the Program Book for designated dog-walk areas. Please pick up after your dog with the tools provided in these areas.   Emergency clean-up materials will be available at MediaWest*Con registration, in case of accidents; also, hotel personnel will clean up accidents if you notify the front desk.

Anyone wishing to record MediaWest*Con panels or activities should indicate this intent at convention registration.

There will be no photography allowed in the Art Show or Auction.

Flyers:  Flyers may only be distributed by MediaWest*Con members, or through MediaWest*Con staff (flyers from non-members may be sent c/o the MW*C address).  Once again, everyone is asked to refrain from posting signs or putting out flyers until Thursday afternoon.

Official MediaWest*Con signs will be posted in a designated area. As soon as these signs are posted, flyers and signs may be placed in those designated areas.

Posting is limited to the designated areas, mainly the glass walls of the pool area across from the lobby and the window-walls across from, and leading to, the ballrooms.   Stacks may be placed in the designated areas, though space will be limited.  Do not post on wallpaper or any surface that might be damaged.  Please remember that signs may only be posted on wood, glass, or metal, and only with low tack masking tape.  A limited quantity of low-tack tape will be available at MediaWest*Con registration.  Flyers attached with other tape, or in non-designated areas (such as wallpaper or painted surfaces), may be removed and disposed of.  Also, due to the limited flyer space, everyone is asked to limit each of their flyers to one stack only.

Subject matter of flyers must be of general fannish interest ('zines, party announcements, cons, etc.), not of a personal nature, and be presented in a reasonably tasteful manner and free of profanity -- please remember that the general public can easily read flyers in public areas of the hotel. Please remove outdated flyers and signs promptly.

Flyers not in keeping with these guidelines will be removed and disposed of.  MediaWest*Con is not responsible for the specific content or accuracy of any flyers.

Door decorations:  Decorations must be on the doors only, not the areas surrounding the doors.  You must use low-tack materials only (such as low-tack masking tape or Post-It products), nothing permanent or damaging (such as duct tape, 2 sided foam tape, or anything on wallpaper), and remove your door decorations before you check out.

Distribution of gummed stickers or labels is prohibited.

Please bring any violations of these rules to the immediate attention of MediaWest*Con security; there is very little we can do if we only hear about something months later.

These rules may be amended as needed.

This official MediaWest*Con page was updated June 14, 2019