MediaWest*Con 34 -- May 23-26, 2014 -- The Walking Fen

The Walking Fen 

MediaWest*Con 34 -- May 23-26, 2014

Since we are still kicking after all these years, MediaWest*Con 34 celebrates the Undead -- vampires, zombies, werewolves, and all the grim, ghoulish, and supernatural  denizens of the not-quite-dead netherworlds. So bring Mister Pointy, your garlic necklaces, hex bags, and spellbooks... and expect one helluva good time!

is the definitive gathering of SF/Media fandom, held each Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing Michigan. MediaWest*Con is sponsored by T'Kuhtian Press as a celebration of the diversity of SF/Media fandom, run by fans, for fans, and is staffed entirely by volunteers. MediaWest*Con traditionally features the Art Show and Auction, Fanzine Reading Room. Fannish Videos, Masquerade, Dealers' Room, Game Room, SF/Media Fan Fund, Fan Quality Awards, a Con Suite (AKA Hospitality Suite) and a Party Suite, and many, many panels on a wide variety of topics representing many areas of interest. Programming is determined by member input and participation; a form for suggesting topics will be included in a future Progress Report. Programming is intended for an adult audience; we do not censor adult themes in panel topics or in the Art Show. We have no official guests. The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.


Once again, MediaWest*Con 34 was held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-26, 2014. As always, programming was determined by member input and participation.

Fandoms and interests reperesented in programming at MediaWest*Con 34 included Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Bates Motel, Big Bang Theory, Bond/Skyfall, cannon vs fanon, Captain America, Criminal Minds, crossovers/AUs, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Falling Skies, fanzines/writing/editing, E-books, Godzilla, ghosts/hauntings/paranormal, Hobbit, internet, Justice League, Magnificent 7, Marvel, Andre Norton, Pern, Person of Interest, Professionals, Sentinel, Shaun of the Dead, Sherlock/Elementary/Holmes, Sleepy Hollow, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek, Star Wars, Starskey & Hutch, Supernatural, TPTB, UNCLE, Veronica Mars, Walking Dead, Wonder Woman, X-Men, and much more!



Fan Quality Awards



Masquerade Awards

Best Use of Andre's Brain Award & Best In Show
Plan B
Peter Cooper
Best In Show

The Undead Ringer Award
Even The Master Can Go Bald
Scott Clark
The Master

The Goodwill Quick Change Artist Award
Rebecca Rose, Lady Buccaneer
Becky Wurm Clark
Rebecca Rose
Lady Buccaneer

The Awesome Hat & Workmanship Award
Timey-Whimey, Wibbly-Wobbly: Alice Fell Down the Rabbit Hole
Sam Powell
Timey-Whimey, Wibbly-Wobbly

The Godzilla Is In a Lot of Trouble Award
Zombi 2: Change for a Buck
Janice St. Clair
Zombi 2

The Con Crooner Award
To All the Cons I've Gone Before
Bob Dawe
To All The Cons I've Gone Before

Door Decoration Awards

Best In Show
Room 356 -- NCIS Land

Best Marriage Equality & Judges; Favourite
142 -- The Many Faces of My Husband Tony Stark
The Many Faces of My Husband Tony Stark

Shiniest Single Fandom
230 -- Martinis by Moonlight
Martinis by Moonlight

Best Interactive
147 -- Fandom Graffiti
Fandom Graffiti

Best Multi-Fandom
248 -- Few of Our Favorite Things
Few of Our Favorite Things

Most Nostalgic
306 -- X-Fen: Doors of Future Past
X-Fen: Doors of Future Past

Best Use of Theme
144 -- Zombie-Proof Room
Zombie-Proof Room

Best Humour & Fan Favourite
251 -- What Do You Fear?
What Do You Fear?

Best Narrative
206 -- Plot? What Plot?
Plot? What Plot?

Art Show & Auction

Fannish Quilt in Art Auction
Fandoms represented in the fannish quilt are: Longmire, Downton Abbey, Agents of SHIELD, Bubba Ho-Tep, Ancient Aliens, Grimm, Cowboys & Aliens, River Monsters, NCIS, Helix, Almost Human; corners: Sherlock Holmes (BBC).
Top indentifiers:
First Place: Kelly Wolf
Second Place: Grace, Carol, Lisa
Third Place: Erika Frensley

Blood Drive

MW*C 34 Blood Drive

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line..?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Shadowcast: Once More With Feeling

Buffy Shadowcast cast

Fannish Video

There were no awards due to limited number of entries.

SF/Media Fan Fund

There was no ballot for Fan Fund as we received no nominations.

"Dead Dog" Panel

MW*C staff at Dead Dog panel
Thanks to those who supplied photos!

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