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MediaWest*Con Y2K -- May 26-29, 2000



MediaWest*Con is the definitive gathering of SF/Media fandom, held each Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing Michigan.  MediaWest*Con is sponsored by T'Kuhtian Press as a celebration of the diversity of SF/Media fandom, run by fans, for fans, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  MediaWest*Con traditionally features the Art Show and Auction, Fanzine Reading Room. Fannish Videos, Masquerade, Dealers' Room, Fan Fund, Fan Quality Awards, a Con Suite (AKA Hospitality Suite) and a Party Suite, and many, many panels on a wide variety of topics representing many areas of interest;  programming is determined by member input and participation.  We have no official guests.  The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.

Once again, MediaWest*Con 20 was held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2000. As always, programming was determined by member input and participation.





Fandoms represented in panels at MW*C 2000 included The 10th Kingdom, Airwolf, Alien Nation, Angel, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galactica, Brimstone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Who, Due South, Early Edition, Earth Final Conflict, Emergency, ER, Farscape, Galaxy Quest, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Homicide: Life on the Street, Horatio Hornblower, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Law & Order, Magnificent 7, Man from UNCLE, Matrix, Nightmare Cafe, Now & Again, The Others, Pretender, Rat Patrol, Real Ghostbusters, Roswell, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Sentinel, Shadowchasers, Silk Stalkings, Stargate SG-1, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek, Star Wars, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, West Wing, Xena: Warrior Princess, X-Files.


Masqerade Awards

Judges: Valerie Kessler & Leslie Dannenburger


Buffy, Cheerslayer of Sunnydale

High Lethal Cuteness Award: Buffy, Cheerslayer of Sunnydale -- Kelly Jeanette Aurora Lowrey

Sammie the Powell

Medal of Honor of the Order of Ankle-biters: Sammie the Powell -- Samantha Powell



The Parting

The Parting -- James & Debbie Casselbury

Mother Goose & Friend

Literary Prize & Special Mention -- Best Hat:  Mother Goose & Friend -- Linda Cuchinski, Samantha MacGoose

Royal  Wedding   Dora

Best Presentation & Special Award -- Elegance of Design: Coruscant's House of Rowena Coutouriers Present a Royal Wedding -- Bernadette Crumb, Zena Carson, Mandi Hall, Christine Krebs-Bonder, Dora, & Lady Belladonna

Special Award -- Berni Special Male Audience Members Room Key Award:  Dora

Enslaved to the Sunnydale Cult

Vampire Bait Medal of Valor (& Bounce Above & Beyond the Call of School Spirit): Enslaved to the Sunnydale Cult -- Courtney Kraft

Londo's Other Keeper
Special Workmanship Award & Prosthetic Effects: Londo's Other Keeper -- Stephanie Ellis
Andre Lieven

Dar the Beastmeister
Memorial Punster Award: Dar the Beastmeister --  Peter Cooper


SF/Media Fan Fund

The winner of the 2000
SF/Media Fan Fund was Joyce Yasner;  she attended MW*C 2000.


Fan Quality Awards

Fan Q winners list is available through the Fan Q page.


Art Show Awards

Best in Show: Primal Magic by Karen River

Science Fiction: Zhann, Symphony in Blue by Jesse McCalin

Fantasy: Little Rascals by James Wappel

Detective: Partners by Mike Cole

Secret Agent: Endangered by Frank Liltz

Animation: This Could Be The Start of Something Big by Sandy Schreiber

Humor: Velvet Yoda by Larry de Souza

3-D: Birds of a Feather by Susan Brummet

Fabric: Star Wars by Pat Winter

Western: One Day Out West by Lucy Seaman

Horror: The Crow by Mike Cole

Portrait: Deceiver by Frank Liltz

Critter: Snow Leopard by Frank Liltz

Too Cute To Live: Catatonic: New Years Eve 2000 by Jesse McClain


Fannish Video

Click here for info on Fannish Video, including Fannish Video Competition winners.


Door Decoration Contest

Best In Show: DeForest Kelley -- In Memoriam

Best In Show: Linda K. James -- "DeForest Kelley -- In Memoriam"

Funniest Door -- Crossover Grudge Match

Funniest Door: Kathryn Cook -- "Crossover Grudge Match"

Science Fiction

SF -- First Prize: Camp of the Horse Sisters

First Prize: Sue Glasgow, Sophia Mulvey, Karen Travers, Carol Kohn -- "Camp of the Horse Sisters"

Second Prize: Kathryn Cook -- "Crossover Grudge Match"

Third Prize: Jenn Bills & Michelle De Benedetto -- "Harry Potter Scene 2: Gryffindor House"

Non-Science Fiction

First Prize: Sue Clerc, Donna Chamberlain, Debbie Ramsey, Catherine Salmon -- "They Needed Killing"

Second Prize: Sandy Hall -- "Giving Lucy a Break"

Third Prize: Linda Jeffrey -- "The Emergency! Path to Enlightenment"

Media Personality

First Prize: Linda K. James -- "DeForest Kelley -- In Memoriam"

Second Prize: Barbara Fister-Liltz, Frank Liltz, Larry Tekowski, Janice Mergenhagen -- "The Bayou Bijoux"

Third Prize: Martha Wilson, Liz Sharpe, Carolyn Golledge -- "The Less Than Legendary Adventures"


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