MediaWest*Con 16 (1996)

Fannish Video Competition Winners

Song Interpretation -- Single Medium

Show Me The Way -- California Crew

    Honrable Mention:

    Invincible -- Yellow Brick Rose & Co.

    Wild Boys -- Pony Girls Productions

Song Interpretation -- Multi-Media

Circle of Life -- California Crew

    Honorable Mention:

    I Still Believe In You -- Yellow Brick Rose & Co.

    I Should've Been A Cowboy -- Pony Girls Productions

Constructed Reality -- Single Medium;  Original (No Entires)

Constructed Reality -- Multi-Media

California Crew Opening -- Babylon Trek Wars -- California Crew (Abdul)

(Intentionally) Humorous

I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow -- California Crew

Video Box

Steele, Inc. -- Atlanta Division -- "Steele del Amor"

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