2012 Fannish Video Awards

After all of the ballots were counted, here were the winners of the 2012 MediaWest*Con Fannish Music Video competition. Certificates were awarded at the Fan Q/Fannish Music Video award ceremony Sunday evening. A special thanks to all the Vid fans who attended the Friday Night Premieres, and who voted in this competition!
Song Interpretation – Single Source (GEN)
 (1) "Ball of Confusion" (Chewing Guy for the Eyes)
 (2 tie) "When There's No One Around" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes)
 (2 tie) "Friends" (Infinite Fandom Productions)
Song Interpretation – Multi Source (GEN)
 (1) "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (Spaced Ponies)
 (2) "Blood Makes Noise" (Spaced Ponies)
 (3) "Nice to Be With You/Tribute Part II" (SiDiC Music Videos)
Humorous (GEN)
 (1) "Friends" (Infinite Fandom Productions)
 (2) "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (Spaced Ponies)
 (3) "Holding Out for a Hero" (Franzeska)
Song Interpretation – Single Source (SLASH)
 (1) "Losing My Religion" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes)
 (2) "Glitter in the Air" (Cosmic Stallions)
 (3) "Complicated" (Cosmic Stallions)
Song Interpretation – Multi Source (SLASH)
 (1) "That's Amore" (Cosmic Stallions)
 (2) "Brand New Girlfriend" (Cosmic Stallions)
 (3) "Voices" (Franzeska)
Humorous (SLASH)
 (1) "Brand New Girlfriend" (Cosmic Stallions)
 (2) "That's Amore" (Cosmic Stallions)
 (3) "Who Wants to Vid This Song" (Franzeska)
 (1) Spaced Ponies
 (2) SiDiC Music Videos
Best in Show
 "Glitter in the Air" (Cosmic Stallions)
Producers' Choice for Outstanding Technical or Artistic Merit
 "O' Death" (Chewing Gum for the Eyes)

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