MediaWest*Con 2001 Fannish Video Competition Awards

Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom (Gen)

1st: Larger Than Life (Galaxy Quest) by Chevron & Jon

2nd: Unknown Hero Song (X-Men) by California Crew

3rd: Bitch (Pretender) by California Crew

Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom (Slash)

1st : I Think We're Alone Now (Sentinel) by Vid Weasels

2nd: Truly, Madly, Deeply (Hercules) by Kiwi Hootenanny

3rd: Not Your Girl (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by JAWS

Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom (Gen)

1st: Masochism Tango by California Crew

2nd: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by California Crew

3rd: Boom by Apocalypse West

Constructed Reality (Gen)

News Update by Chris & Christina

Humorous (Gen)

1st: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Apocalypse West

2nd (TIE): Macho Man by Kiwi Hootenanny

& Ghostbusters by Kiwi Hootenanny

3rd: I Just Break 'Em by Pony Girls & Space Monkey Junkie

Humorous (Slash)

You Can Keep Your Hat On by Diana Williams


1st: California Crew

Honorable Mention: Chevron & Jon

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