MediaWest*Con 20 Fannish Video Competition Awards

Song Interpretation -- Single fandom (Gen)

1st: Somebody's Watching Me by Central Consortium

2nd: Power of Two by Still Reeling

3rd: Nobody's Side by California Crew

Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom (Slash)

1st : Talk Dirty to Me (The Sentinel) by Waldo

2nd: Closing Time (ST: Voyager) by Leigh Motooka

3rd: Love is a Battlefield (Total Recall 2070) by Chevron & Jon

Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom (Gen)

1st: Vampires, Mummies, & the Holy Ghost by Still Reeling

2nd: This Kiss by Chris & Christina

3rd: Steam by Pony Girls Productions

Constructed Reality -- Multi-Fandom (Gen)

Honorable Mention -- Sloop John B (Titanic) by SiDiC

Humorous (Gen)

1st: I'm Too Sexy (Angel) by Still Reeling

2nd: I Won't Grow Up by Chris & Christina

3rd: Dancin' Fool by California Crew

Honorable Mention: The Saga Begins by California Crew

Credits (Gen)

1st: Creditus Interruptus by California Crew

2nd: Chris & Christina

3rd: Apocolypse West

Honorable Mention: Con Dog Video

Video Box (Gen)

Chris & Christina


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