Fan Quality Awards Archive

1995 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 15

Alias Smith & Jones 

(Gen) Story: "House of Whorers" by Carol Mingst (Just You, Me, and the Governor #9)

Blake's 7

(Gen) Artist: <minds-i-view> (Chronicles #55)

(Gen) Story: "Pilot Program" by Marion Mendez (Rebel Destinies #1)

 'Zine: Gambit #12, Jean Graham, Editor

Doctor Who 

(Gen) Artist: Martin Proctor (Trenchcoat #4)

(Gen) 'Zine: Trenchcoat #4, James Bow, Editor

Forever Knight

(Gen) Story: "Good Night Sweet Prince" by Susan Clarke (CrossStreams #2)

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: False Heart, Susan Garrett, Author/Editor


(Gen) 'Zine: Thistle & Sable #1, Robin Schindler and Reynolds, Editors

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 

(Gen) Story: "Second Sight" by Jeanne McClure (Patterns #2)

(Gen) 'Zine: Patterns #2, Beth Didion, Jeanne McClure, D.L. Solomon, & Suzan Haigler Editors

Man From U.N.C.L.E. 

(Gen) Artist: Susan Lovett (The Sleeping Beauty Affair)

 (Gen) Story: "The Rendezbous Affair" by Lisa E. Brazdil (You Can Get Channel D in the Back of a '57 Chevy)

(Gen) Non-Fiction 'Zine: The McCallum Observer, Lynda Mendoza, Editor

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: The Sleeping Beauty Affair, C.W. Walker, Author and Paula Smith, Editor

(Gen) 'Zine: Kuryakin File #13, Lisa Brazdil, Editor


(Gen) Story: "A Night on the Town" by Sheila Paulson (Remote Control #4)

(Gen) Non-Fiction 'Zine: GAZ: Generic AdZine, Carolyn O'Neal and Candace Pulliene, Editors

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: Leap Into Knight, Sandy Hall, Author/Editor and Sharon Wisdom, Author

(Gen) 'Zine: Remote Control #4, Kathy Agel, Editor


(Gen) Story: "By Any Other Name" by Maree Celeste (Backtrack #9)

Quantum Leap 

(Gen) Artist: <minds-i-view> (Oh Boy #5)

(Gen) Poem/Filk: "Choices" by Jane Mailander (Oh Boy #5)

(Gen) Story: "Sound of Winter" by Sharon Wisdom (Oh Boy #5)

(Gen) 'Zine: Oh Boy #5, Sandy Hall, Editor

Rat Patrol

(Gen) Artist: Mary Platt (Lines In The Sand #1)

Real Ghostbusters

(Gen) Artist: Joy Riddle (Slime Trails #3)

(Gen) Story: "Brownie in the Basement" by Mary Robertson (Slime Trails #3)

 (Slash) Story: "Swords and Starry Nights" by Debbie Hicks (Crossing the Streams #3)

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: Demon Blues, Sheila Paulson and Brenda Anders, Editors

 (Gen) 'Zine: Ecto #3, Sheila Paulson, Editor

Robin of Sherwood

(Gen) 'Zine: Lady Wolfshead, Mick Spencer, editor

Simon & Simon

(Gen) Story: "Seasons" by Maree Celeste (Double Play #6)

Star Trek 

(Gen) Artist: Kate Maynard (Beyond Farpoint)

(Gen) Story: "Yesterday, Continued" by Gary Miles (Remote Control #4)

 (Gen) Non-Fiction 'Zine: Multi-Species Medicine, Joan Marie Verba, Editor

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: Forever, Holly Trueblood, Author and Randall Landers, Editor

(Gen) 'Zine: Nine #1, Doug Giffin, Editor

Star Wars 

(Gen) Artist: Wanda Lybarger (Imperium #4 and Who's Scruffy Lookin'?)

 (Gen) Poem/Filk: "Musings of a Princess/Musings of a Smuggler" by Kathy Agel (A Tremor in the Force #8)

 (Gen) Story: "Mercy Mission" by Cheree Cargill (A Tremor in the Force #8)

(Gen) 'Zine: Alliance & Empire #2, Kathy Agel, Editor


(Gen) Artist: (tie) Cherie Currie Hays (1995 Starman Calendar) and Jean Laidig (Credits Where Credits Due)

 (Gen) Poem/Filk: "Starchild" by Yvette Cantrell (Starcrossed)

 (Gen) Non-Fiction 'Zine: Best Buddies, Jean Laidig, Editor

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

(Gen) Story: "Against the Wind" by Kathy Agel (Anchors Away #2)

(Gen) Stand Alone 'Zine: False Faces, Kathy Agel, Editor

 (Gen) 'Zine: Below the Surface #8, Kathy Agel, Editor

Walker, Texas Ranger

(Gen) Story: "Mindfield Memories" by Londa Pfeffer (Compadres #9)

War of the Worlds

(Gen) Story: "Coyotes Child" by Debbie Hicks (Green Floating Weirdness #10)

(Gen) Non-Fiction 'Zine: It Is What It Is #14, Cinda Gillilan and Jody Norman, Editors


(Gen) Story: "Haunting Memory" by Deb Walsh (Manifest #2)

Young Riders

(Gen) Artist: Annette Holton (Pony Express #4)

(Gen) Story: (tie) "The Ely Epidemnic" by The Pony Girls (Pony Express #3) and "Years and Tears" by Valerie DeVries (Pony Express #4)

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