Fan Quality Awards Archive

1990 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 10

Beauty & The Beast
'Zine:  Above and Below 2 edited by Lorraine Bartlett

Blake's 7
Artist:  Suzan Lovett
Editor:  Ann Wortham
Novel/Novella:  Brother of Shadows & Son of Light by Susan M. Matthews
Short Story/Vignette:  "Silent Running" by Ann Wortham, Julie Kramer & Michelle Rosenberg
'Zine:  Log of the Hellhound IV edited by Ann Wortham

Artist: Nei Mo Han (Heather Bruton)
Short Story/Vignette:  "Thoughts Contingent on the Totally Rad" by Vicky Wyman
'Zine:  Guns & Red Roses edited by Marg Baskin

Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Artist:  Paulie
Novel/Novella:  One Night Stand by Robyn LaSalle

Miami Vice
Artist:  Adrian Morgan
Editor:  Mary Platt
Letterzine:  Bernay's Cafe edited by Mary Platt
Non-Fiction:  We Go To Miami Vice's 100th Episode Party by Mary Platt
Novel/Novella:  Into the Fire by Mary Platt
Poem:  "Glueman" by Mary Platt
Short Story/Vignette:  "Billy's Got A Gun" by Karen Howard
'Zine:  Vice Versa edited by Anne & Elaine Batterby

'Zine:  Rerun 7 edited by Lorraine Bartlett

Artist:  Karen Eaton
Editor:  Kate Nuernberg
Letterzine:  Cold Fish & Stale Chips edited by Kate Nuernberg
Short Story/Vignette: " ...And Memories Die" by Ellis Ward
'Zine:  British Takeaway 4 edited by Kate Nuernberg

Robin Of Sherwood
Artist:  Paulie
Editor:  Helen Avry & Laura Chevening-Blunk
Novel/Novella:  Sword Brothers by Jeanine Hennig
Short Story/Vignette:  "Resurrection" by Cindy Fairbanks
'Zine:  Albion 3 edited by Helen Avry & Laura Chevening-Blunk

Simon & Simon
Novel/Novella:  Insolution by Brenda Ander
'Zine:  Simon Squared 2 edited by Darlene Fisher & Ann Teitelbaum

Star Trek
Artist:  Jean Kluge
Editor:  Randall Landers
Filk:  "They're Singing 'Banned From Argo'" by Bob Kenefsky
Novel/Novella:  Shadow of a Doubt by Cyndi Overstreet
Short Story/Vignette (tie): 
"On Alien Ground" by Eunice Raymond and "Brand of Logic" by Chris Dickenson
'Zine:  Whalesong II edited by Marth Bonds

Star Wars
Novel/Novella:  Mutiny by Carolyn Golledge
'Zine:  Shadowstar 30 edited by Mary Jean Holmes

Artist:  Ann Larimer
Editor:  Chris Menefee
Filk:  "Brandon Won't You Lend An Ear" by Jean Laidig
Letterzine:  Blue Lights edited by Chris Menefee
Novel/Novella:  Friends by Linda Ratoff
Non-Fiction:  1990 Spotlight Starman Calendar edited by Vicki Werkley & Sondra Smith
Short Story/Vignette:  "Whoever You Are" by Vicki Hessel Werkley

War Of The Worlds
'Zine :  The Forrester Papers edited by Elyse Dickenson

'Zine:  Ghostriders edited by Melody Rondeau

1991 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 11

Beauty & The Beast
Artist:  P.S. Nim
Letterzine:  Tunneltalk, edited by Barbara Storey, Victoria Clark, & Sharon Himmanen
'Zine:  Tunnels 2, edited by P.S. Nim

Blake's 7
'Zine:  Fire & Ice, Edited by Kathleen Resch, Melody Clark

Doctor Who
'Zine:  Abode of Strife, edited by Bill Hupe & Peg Kennedy

Man from UNCLE
Artist:  Paulie & Tami Marie
Editor:  Paulie & Tami Marie
Letterzine:  The McCallum Observer, edited by Lynda Mendoza
Novel/Novella:  The Practical Cats Affair, by Jody A. Cummings
Short Story/Vignette:  "My Partner Wore Tights Affair" by Jennifer Adams
'Zine:  Rose Tint My World 2 by Tosya Stohn & Robyn La Salle

Miami Vice
Artist:  (TIE) Koz;  Dani Lane
Editor:  Noel Silva
Lettersine:  D.J. News, edited by Mary Platt
Non-fiction:  "Off Shore Professional Tour 1990 Season" by Mary Platt
Novel/Novella:  Foreign Exchange by Susan Hall
Poem:  "Another One I Owe You" by Elaine Batterby
Short Story/Vignette:  "Miami Twice" by Mary Platt
'Zine:  Sanity Maintenance #4, edited by Noel Silva

'Zine:  Rerun 8, edited by Lorraine Bartlett

Quantum Leap
Letterzine:  Quantum Quarterly, Edited by Christine Mavroudis

'Zine:  Chalk & Cheese #7, edited by Mystery Frank

Robin of Sherwood
Artist:  (TIE) Kathy Spivy;  Roseanne Rice
'Zine:  (TIE) Loxley, edited by Kate Raymond & Morn Geiger;  Albion 4, edited by H.A. Avry & Laura Chevening-Blunk

Star Trek
Artist:  Mary Stacy-McDonald
Editor:  (TIE) Sheila Clark;  Bill Hupe & Peg Kennedy
Letterzine:  Data Entries, edited by Melody Rondeau
Non-fiction:  STNG:  Compleat Encyclopedia Season 1, edited by Steve VanderArk
Novel/Novella:  Time & Time Again by Michael Ruff
Short Story/Vignette:  "Lonely in the Shadows" by Lorie Johnson
'Zine:  If We're Always Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before Why Do We Always Meet Somebody When We Get There?  edited by Cheryl Duvall

Star Wars
Letterzine:  Southern Enclave, edited by Cheree Cargill

Editor:  Christine Menefee
Filk:  "Scott's Song (One for the Road)" by Lil Sibley
Letterzine:  Blue Lights, edited by Christine Menefee
Non-fiction:  "Getting to Know 'Tyrone Washington'" by Vicki Hessel Werkley
Short Story/Vignette:  "No Greater Love" by Effie Burton
'Zine:  The Finding of Jenny Hayden by Sylvia Wallace

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Artist:  Sheila Paulson
Novel/Novella:  Lessons Learned by Katheryn Agel
Script Adaptation:  The Phantom Return by Cindy Rancourt
Short Story/Vignette:  "The Connection" by Katheryn Agel
'Zine:  (TIE) Below the Surface #2 & #3

War of the Worlds
Artist:  Connie Faddis
Short Story/Vignette:  "A Wolf in K-Mart Clothing" by Marla Groves
'Zine:  Bring 'Em Back Alive, edited by Kathy Coy & Cindy Rancourt

1992 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 12

 Blake's 7
Artist:  Suzan Lovett
Cartoon:  "The FSA Cadet Blues" (Leigh Mato'oka, Zen & the Art of Rebellion)
Editor:  (TIE) Jean Graham (Gambit #7, The Revel Times);  Ann Wortham (Southern Comfort #6.5, Southern Seven)
Filk:  "Sandbox Built for Two" (Angela Reese, On The Wing #6)
Letterzine/Newsletter:  (TIE) Horizon Newsletter (Diane Geis);  The Neutral Arbiter (Sherri Fillingham & Pat Nussman)
Poem:  "Evensong:  Avon" (Jacqueline Taero, Threads Through Infinity)
Short Story/Vignette:  (TIE) "It's All Done by Magic" (Linda Knights, Southern Seven #6);  "Overboard" (Sheila Paulson, Gambit #7)
'Zine:  Gambit #7 (Jean Graham)

Doctor Who
Short Story/Vignette: "Knight, Squire, & Harold" (Sharon Reddy, Knight Progenitor)

Artist:  Jeanne McClure
Short Story/Vignette:  "Lullaby" (McClure & Smith, Invictus)

Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Artist:  Suzan lovett
Short Story/Vignette:  "The Lion of Ngambo Affair" (C.W. Walker, Kuryakin Files #10)
'Zine:  Peristroika (Elizabeth Urich)

Miami Vice
Artist:  Koz
Letterzine/Newsletter:  D.J. Today (Mary Platt)
Non-fiction:  "It's Here & in High Gear" (Mary Platt, D.J. Today)
Novel/Novella:  Carry On Wayward Son (Stancio Del Norte)
Short Story/Vignette:  "The Last Sound Love Makes" (Flamingo, Miami Spice #2)
'Zine:  Crockett Dial (Karen Howard)

Artist:  Charlie Nash
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Comlink (Allyson Dyer)
Short Story/Vignette:  "Dissolution" (Sharon Reddy, Knight Progenitor)
'Zine:  Remote Control (Katheryn Agel)

Artist:  Suzan Lovett
Editor:  Mystery Frank (Chalk & Cheese)
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Cold Fish & Stale Chips (Kate Nuernberg)
Novel/Novella:  Professional Dreamer (Pamela Rose)
Short Story/Vignette:  "Legacy of Temptation" (Ellis Ward, Other Times & Places)
'Zine:  ...As Two Three Pound Notes (Caroline Carbis)

Quantum Leap
Artist:  Kate Nuernberg
Editor:  Kate Nuernberg (Play It Again)
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Quantum Quarterly #5 (Jim Rondeau)
Novel/Novella:  Best of Two Worlds (Sandy Hall & Amy Miller)
Poem:  "Pulitzer Prize for Photography 1970" (Jane Mailander, Oh Boy #2)
Short Story/Vignette:  "Imagine" (Kate Nuernberg, Play It Again)
'Zine:  Play It Again (Kate Nuernberg)

The Real Ghostbusters
'Zine:  The Vampire Janine (Jeff Morris)

Robin of Sherwood
'Zine:  Albion (H.L. Avry & Laura Chevening-Blunk)

Star Trek
Artist:  Jean Kluge
Editor:  Peg Kennedy (Pirates of Avalon)
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Data Entries #13/14 (Jim & Melody Rondeau)
Novel/Novella:  Pirates of Avalon (Terre Duece Wellons)
Poem:  "Borg" (Daphne Van Owens, Involution)
Short Story/Vignette: " The Vulcan's Prophecy" (Halsey Taylor, Remote Control)
'Zine:  Eridani #12 (Randall Landers)

Star Wars
Artist:  Wanda Lybarger
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Southern Enclave (Cheree Cargill)
Short Story/Vignette:  "The Bequest" (Pat Nussman, Remote Control)

Artist:  Ann Larimer
Editor:  (TIE) Candi Farmer (The Robert hayes International Newsletter -- Special EditionTRHIFC Celebrates Starman1991 Catalogue of Starman Merchandise);  Lynda Sappington (Across the Valley, Spotlight Starman of Ohio Newsletter)
Letterzine/Newsletter:  Spotlight Starman of Ohio Newsletter (Lynda Sappington)
Non-fiction:  Good Things From the Starman Universe (Candi Farmer)
Poem:  "Come Jenny Hayden" (Christine Menefee, TRHIFC Celebrates Starman)
Novel/Novella:  (TIE)  Across the Valley (Lynda Sappington);  Loose Ends (Linda Ratoff)
Short Story/Vignette:  "Hummingbirds & Noisy Water" (Lynda Sappington, TRHIFC Celebrates Starman)
'Zine:  The Spirit of Starman, Blue Lights #36, Special Edition (Gayle High Pine)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Artist:  Jeanne McClure
Short Story/Vignette:  "Reason to Believe" (Katheryn Agel, Below the Surface #4)
'Zine:  Below the Surface #4 (Katheryn Agel)

War of the Worlds
Artist:  TACS
Short Story/Vignette:  "War at the Gates" (Jan Lindner, Bring 'Em Back Alive #2)
'Zine:  Bring 'Em Back Alive #2 (Cindy Rancourt & Kathy Coy)

1993 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 13

Blake's 7
Favorite Artist (Gen):  minds-i-view
Favorite Story (Gen):  "The End of Entropy", Sheila Paulson
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Zen & The Art of Rebellion, edited by Michael Macomber & Caryn Dunkel
Favorite 'Zine (Slash):  Careless Whisper, edited by S. Lewis & Jennie McGrath

Doctor Who
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Roving Reporter:  From the Files of Sarah Jane #2, edited by Kevin Parker

Favorite Artist (Gen);  Jeanne McClure
Favorite Story (Gen):  "Paybacks," Jeann McClure & Susan Smith
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Invictus #3, edited by Jane Frazier, Jeanne McClure, Susan Smith, & Beth Didion

Favorite Artist (Gen):  Jeann McClure
Favorite Story (Gen):  "Unidentified Flying Leap," Anne & Elaine Batterby
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Remote Control #2, edited by Katheryn Agel

Favorite Story (Slash):  "The Chosen One," Sara Henry
Favorite 'Zine (Slash):  The Concrete Jungle, edited by Rhonda Bertsch

Quantum Leap
Favorite Artist (Gen):  Kate Nuernberg
Favorite Story (Gen):  "Is There a Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor in the House," Linda Fairbanks
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Oh Boy #3, edited by Sandy Hall & Sharon Wisdom

Rat Patrol
Favorite Story (Gen):  "The Brothers In All But Blood Raid," Linda Chapple

Real Ghostbusters
Favorite Story (Gen):  "Nicholas," Sheila Paulson

Star Trek
Favorite Story (Gen):  (TIE) "Through the Eyes of a Child," Janis Stockinger;  "Time Flies,"  Michael Ruff
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Federation Standard #2, edited by Michelle Benoit

Favorite Artist (Gen):  Sonja Van Den Ende
Favorite Poem/Filk (Gen):  "Desperate Oh" ("Network Television"), Dick DeSantis
Favorite Non-fiction Story (Gen): "Starman Magic Undiminished," Vicki Werkley
Favorite Non-fiction 'Zine (Gen):  Spotlight Starman of Ohio Newsletter, edited by Lynda B. Sappington
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Changes, edited by Cheryl L. Connors

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Favorite Artist (Gen):  Deb Walsh
Favorite Poem/Filk (Gen):  "The Difference," Linda Chapple
Favorite Story (Gen):  "Son of the Indestructible Man," Patricia Ames

War of the Worlds
Favorite 'Zine (Gen):  Green Floating Weirdness, edited by Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Artist of the Year:  Susan Lovett
Author of the Year: Sheila Paulson
Poet/Filker of the Year:  (TIE) Jane Mailander;  Melisasa Mastoris
Editor of the Year:  Katheryn Agel

1994 Fan Quality Awards

Awarded at MediaWest*Con 14

Alias Smith & Jones
Artist (Gen):  Fliss Davies
'Zine (Gen):  Just You, Me & the Governor #7, edited by Cinda Gillilan

Story (Gen):  "Dark Knight," Charlie Kirby (Anything Goes #2)

Blake's 7
Artist (Gen):  minds-i-view
Poem/Filk (Gen):  "Fanzines of the Night," Jeff Morris (Serrated Seven)
Story (Gen):  "Only Mistaken," Melanie Chinen (Gambit #10)
'Zine (Gen):  Gambit #10, edited by Jean Graham
Artist (Slash):  minds-i-view
'Zine (Slash):  Southern Comfort #7.5, edited by Ann Wortham

Story (Gen):  "New Moon Rising," Tracey Fretwell & Gillian Holt (Addington International #1)
'Zine (Gen):  Addington International #1, edited by Cinda Gillilan

Doctor Who
'Zine (Gen):  Roving Reporter #3:  The Mystery of Mandragora, edited by Kevin Parker

Story (Gen):  "Bonds," McClure & Bridger (Lions, Tigers, & Zines)

Forever Knight
Story (Gen):  "Blod Moon Rising," Pat Dunn, Valerie Meachum, & Diana Smith (On The Wings of the Knight)
'Zine (Gen):  On The Wings of the Knight, edited by Ann Hupe

Kung Fu
Artist (Gen):  Jeanne McClure
Story (Gen):  "Zen & the Art of House Repair," Catherine Schlein (Splinters of Light)
'Zine (Gen):  Patterns, edited by Jeanne McClure, Denyse Bridger, & Beth Dideon

Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Artist (Gen):  Jeanne McClure
Story (Gen):  (TIE) "Cayo Hueso," Nan Mack (Can You Get Channel D on Satellite Dish);  "The Dickens Affair," Deb Hicks (Remote Control #3)
Non-fiction 'Zine (Gen):  1993 McCallum Calendar, edited by Lisa brazdil
'Zine (Gen):  Kuryakin File #12, edited by Lisa Brazdil

Artist (Gen):  Jim Wappel (Media Rare)
Story (Gen):  "Quantum Exposure," Jane Mailander (Green Eggs & Ham #3)
Non-fiction 'Zine (Gen):  GAZ (Generic Ad Zine), edited by Carolyn O'Neal
'Zine (Gen):  Remote Control #3, edited by Katheryn Agel

Artist (Gen):  Anja Gruber
Story (Gen):  "My Name Is..." Wendy Karmell (Remote Control #3)
'Zine (Gen): Backtrack, edited by Joanne Keating
Story (Slash):  "Change of Mind," CFP (Down Under Express #3)
Non-fiction 'Zine (Slash):  Short Cicuit #12, edited by Joanne Keating
'Zine (Slash):  Leather & Blue Jeans, edited by Gale Good

Quantum Leap
Artist (Gen):  minds-i-view (Oh Boy IV:  Love & Glory)
Story (Gen):  "My Brother's Keeper," Carol Davis (Play It Again #3)
'Zine (Gen):  Oh Boy IV:  Love & Glory, edited by Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom, & Michelle Agnew

Real Ghostbusters
Artist (Gen):  Joy Riddle
Story (Gen):  "Mudpie," Sheila Paulson (We Got One)
'Zine (Gen):  Adventures in Slime & Time #3, edited by Kathy Hintze

Robin of Sherwood
Artist (Gen):  Roseanne Rice
'Zine (Gen):  Tree of Life #4, edited by Todd Parrish
Sapphire & Steele
Story (Gen):  "The Magic," Linda Cornett (Persistence of Time)

Star Trek
Artist (Gen):  TACS
Poem/Filk (Gen):  "The 12th Star Trek Convention,"  Michelle Perry (Abode of Strife #19)
Story (Gen):  "Prisoners,"  Jeff Morris (Outpost)
'Ziner (Gen):  Matter of Honor #2, edited by Ann Hupe & Janna Stockinger

Star Wars
Artist (Gen):  Wanda Lybarger
Poem/Filk (Gen):  "I'll Be Back," Katheryn Agel (Tremor in the Force #7)
Story (Gen):  (TIE) "Deja Vu," Marcia Brin (Alliance & Empire);  Glass Garden," Wanda Lybarger (Tremor in the Force #7)
'Zine (Gen):  Alliance & Empire, edited by Katheryn Agel

Artist (Gen):  C.R. Farmer
Poem/Filk (Gen):  "That Amazing Variety," Vicki Hessel Werkley (Amazing Variety)
Non-fiction Story (Gen):  "UFO's:  True, False, or Does It Matter?" Christine C. Menefee (Amazing Variety)
Story (Gen):  "George & Eddie," Todd A. Andrews (Amazing Variety)
Non-fiction 'Zine (Gen):  Spotlight Starman of Ohio Newsletter, edited by Lynda Sappington
'Zine (Gen):  Caught in the Middle, author/edited by Zena Uzep

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Artist (Gen):  Deb Walsh
Story (Gen):  "Heart of the Matter," Katheryn Agel (Anchors Away)
'Zine (Gen):  Below the Surface #7, edited by Katheryn Agel

War of the Worlds
Non-fiction Story (Gen):  "Wipeout," Gillian Holt & Laura Grigsby (Remote Control #3)
'Zine (Gen):  Green Floating Weirdness #6, edited by Cinda Gillilan
Non-fiction 'Zine (Slash):  It Is What It Is, edited by Cinda Gillilan
'Zine (Slash):  Business Associates #1, edited by Cinda Gillilan

Story (Gen):  "Night of the Fenians," L.C. Wells (Remote Control #3)

Young Riders
'Zine (Gen):  The Pony Express #1, edited by Donna Pleasants

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