1987 Fan Q Winners:

Best Star Wars 'Zine: Wookiee Commode #3

Best Professionals 'Zine: Teo Torriate

Best Simon & Simon 'Zine: Just a Couple of Jokers

Best 'Zine -- Law Enforcement: Robin's Nest

Best 'Zine -- Self-Contained Novel: The Nowhere Man Affair (Editor: Paulie)

Best Writer -- Star Trek: Bev Grant, Keven Lewis, & Paula Smith, Star Trek: The Musical, Vault of Tomorrow

Best Writer -- Open Category: Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal -- "Season of Lies," Southern Seven

Best Newsletter/Letterzine: Southern Enclave (Editor: Cheree Cargill)

Best Artist: Leah Rosenthal (Southern Seven)

Best General &/or Multi-Media 'Zine: Guardian 7

1988 Fan Q Winners:

Blake's 7

'Zine: Southern Seven #2, Edited by Ann Wortham

Writer/Story: "The Road to Hell," Susan Lovett

Artist: Susan Lovett


'Zine: British Takeaway #2, Edited by Kate Nuernberg (The Professionals)

Writer/Story: "A New Meaning," Carolyn Golledge (Witness)

Artist: Kate Nuernberg (The Professionals)

Poet: Jeanine Hennig, "Creiddlyed" (Robin of Sherwood)

Letterzine: (TIE) Quarterstaff, Edited by Mary &Janet Schmidt (Robin of Sherwood); Blue Lights, Edited by Christine Menefee (Starman)

Man from UNCLE

'Zine: The Circle of Stones Affair, by Tami Marie Allen


'Zine: Flip of a Coin #10, Edited by Paula Truelove & Jenny McAdams

Robin of Sherwood

'Zine: Longbow #1, Edited by Sue Rutherford & Sandy Williams

Writer/Story: "Herne's Children," Jeanine Hennig

Artist: (TIE) Jeanine Hennig; Jin Markel

Simon & Simon

'Zine: Bookends, Edited by Catherine Schein, Martha Crawford, & Debi Barbich

Writer/Story: "Echoes of Terror, Book II," Charlotte Vaughn & Regina Morrocine


Writer/Story: "A Serious Talk with Dad," Charles Lietwiler

Artist: Sandra L. Smith

Star Trek

'Zine: Shadows (Abode of Strife #6), Edited by Bill Hupe

Writer/Story: The Daystrom Project, Rick Endres

Artist: Gayle Feyrer

Star Wars

'Zine: Wookiee Commode #4, Edited by Mary Urhausen & Samia Martz

Writer/Story: "Sword of Sorrow/Sword of Hope," Pat D'Orazio

1989 Fan Q Winners

Beauty & The Beast

'Zine: Tunnels, Edited by Barbara L.B. Storey, Victoria Clark, & Karen A. Swanson

Letterzine:  Once Upon A Time is Now, Edited by Jeanne Cloud & Joyce DeBoard

Artist:  Pat Horowitz

Blake's 7

No Award

Japanese Animation

'Zine:  Anime House Presents, Edited by Nei Mo Han & Marg Baskin

Short Story:  "For One Day's Rule" by Julie Froelich

Artist:  Nei Mo Han

Man from UNCLE

'Zine:  11 & 2 #3, Edited by Paulie & Tami Marie

Novel/Novella:  The Wolf Pack Affair, by C.R. Faddis & Jan Lindner

Long Story/Adult:  "Waterloo" by Joyce Hindman


'Zine:  Rerun #6, Edited by Lorraine Bartlett


'Zine:  British Takeaway #3 (The Professionals), Edited by Kate Nuernberg & Deboarah Kay Goldstein

Novel/Novella:  A Summoning of Blood (Shadow Chasers) by Susan M. Garrett

Long Story:  "Heart of the Lion" (The Professionals) by Pat J. D'Orazio

Short Story:  "Android Blues" (Star Trek:  The Next Generation) by Jean Kluge

Artist:  Paulie (Man from UNCLE)

Calender:  1989 Blake's 7 Calender by Marianne Plumbridge

Miscellaneous:  Rhiannon's Wheel (Filktape, Robin of Sherwood) by Peg Kennedy & Jeanine Hennig

Robin of Sherwood

'Zine:  Longbow #2, Edited by Sandy Williams & Sue Rutherford

Novel/Novella:  The Hooded Nun by Jeanine Hennig

Long Story (TIE):  "Changling" by Jeanine Hennig;  "The Relic of de Belleme" by Deborah M. Waksh

Short Story:  "Choice of Duty...Choice of Heart" by Sue Rutherford

Vignette (TIE):  "Heart of Darkness" by Sandy Williams;  "Absolution" by Violet J. Nordstrom

Poet/Filker:  "Alien Man" by Jeanine Hennig

Artist:  Jim Markle

Star Trek:  The Next Generation

'Zine:  Eridani #2, Edited by Randall Landers

Artist:  Gennie Summers

Star Trek

'Zine:  Masiform D #16, Edited by Devra Langsam

Novel/Novella:  Simple Gifts by Claire Gabriel

Letterzine:  Treklink, Edited by Joan Marie Verba

Short Story:  "Just as the Twig is Bent" by Barbara L.B. Storey

Artist:  Jean Kluge

Simon & Simon

'Zine:  Something to Love #2, Edited by Brenda Anders & Mary Ann Bohling

Novel/Novella:  Time Out by Brenda Anders

Novel/Novella Adult:  Crossing the Line by Karen Ripley

Long Story:  "If This be Love" by Regenia Marracino

Short Story:  "Vampire Summer" by Michalina Pilcher

Vignette:  "The Wall"  by Ann Teitelbaum

Poet/Filker:  "I Thought the War was Over" by Carlotta Vaughan

Artist:  Carlotta Vaughan


'Zine:  Endangered Species, Edited by MaryAnn Bohling

Letterzine:  Blue Lights, Edited by Chris Menefee

Novel/Novella:  Family by SylviaWallace

Long Story:  "Accidental Occurences" by Cheryl Connors

Short Story:  "Far Afield" by Sandra L. Smith

Vignette:  "Oue Troubles Weren't So Different" by Vicki Hessel Werkley

Poet/Filker:  "Words to the Starman Theme" by Lea Ames

Star Wars

'Zine:  Wookiee Commode #5, Edited by Mary Urhausen & Samia Martz

Letterzine:  Southern Enclave, Edited by Cheree Cargill

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