MediaWest*Con 39 -- Relaunching May 24-27, 2019

MediaWest*Con 39 -- May 24-27, 2019

Please use this form to make MediaWest*Con 39 membership payments via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this form to pay using a credit card. However, you may also use this form to pay through your PayPal account.

Please select the appropriate membership type and rate. Scroll down as necessary to select a rate that is currently valid.

Fill in the requested info in the text box, make the appropriate selection from the drop down menu, then click "Add to Cart." You will be asked for a "shipping address" later; please include the membership type (Attending, GoFer, Supporting, Apocryphal), your legal name, fannish/badge name (if different), address (including ZIP/postal code), phone number, e-mail address, & if you want PRs in PDF or by mail in the message section for all individuals included in the payment.

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If you are unable to use the form, please make PayPal payments to mediawestcon@aol.com, include all the requested info, & put "MW*C 39 membership" in the e-mail header.

MW*C 39 Attending Membership (after December 31, 2018) US resident & outside US receiving PRs in PDF: $55.00 OR outside US needing PRs mailed: $60.00

Membership Options (PICK ONE)
Legal Name, Badge Name
Address, E- mail, Phone

MW*C 39 One-Day Attending Membership

(this rate valid after Dec. 31, 2018): $30.00

You must specify a day.

Single-day members will receive Progress Reports by e-mail in PDF

Day I will attend
Name and Badge Name (if diff)
Phone, E-mail

Supporting or GoFer or Security $15.00

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Membership Options (PICK ONE)
Legal Name, Badge Name
Address, E-mail, Phone

Apocryphal $1.00

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Owner/Guardian, E-mail, Phone

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