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MediaWest*Con 38 -- May 25-28, 2018

MediaWest*Con 38 – May 25-28, 2018

MediaWest*Con is the annual gathering of SF/Media fandom, held each Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing Michigan.

MediaWest*Con is sponsored by T’Kuhtian Press as a celebration of the diversity of SF/Media fandom, run by fans, for fans, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  MediaWest*Con traditionally features the Art Show and Auction, Fanzine Reading Room. Fannish Videos, Masquerade, Dealers’ Room, SF/Media Fan Fund, Fan Quality Awards, a Con Suite (AKA Hospitality Suite) and a Party Suite, and many, many panels on a wide variety of topics representing many areas of interest.  Programming is determined by member input and participation; a form for suggesting topics will be included in a future Progress Report.  Programming is intended for an adult audience;  we do not censor adult themes in panel topics or in the Art Show.  We have no official guests.  The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.

Fandoms represented in MediaWest*Con 38 programming included A Wrinkle in Time, Agents of SHIELD, The Alienist, Altered Carbon, American Gods, The Americans, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Big Bang Theory, Ann Bishop, Black Lightning, Black Mirror, Castle Rock, Colony, costuming, Criminal Minds, Arrowverse (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow), DC movies (Justice League, Wonder Woman), Deception, Designated Survivor, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Doctor Who, Elementry, The Expanse, fanfic, Furries, Game of Thrones, Gotham, The Good Place, The Handmaid's Tale, Instinct, iZombie, Killjoys, Krypton, Ursula K LeGuin, Legion, Librarians, Lost in Space, Lucifer, The Magicians, The Man in the High Castle, George RR Martin, Marvel movies (Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnorok), Midnight Texas, Karen Marie Moning, Christopher Moore, NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, The Orville, Outlander, Poldark, Professionals, Red Dwarf, Sentinel, JD Robb, Sherlock, Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Starskey & Hutch, Timeless, 12 Monkeys, The Walking Dead, X-Files, Yuri on Ice, and many more.

Welcome to MediaWest*Con 38!

MW*C 38 banner

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the MW*C 38 banner!

MW*C 38 postings
Look, signage!

Info area

Ramada Lansing
Ramada Lansing

A family of ducks live in the Ramada courtyard
A family of ducks live in the Ramada courtyard

Lori made Avangers cookies!
Lori made Avengers cookies for members! Swag! MW*C 38 Members got free bam-danas!

MW*C 38 T'shirt in super blueMW*C 38 T'shirt is wonder red
MW*C 38 capelet
MW*C 38 T'shirts and capelets

Tiny Tees Too!
Apocryphal Tees too!

MW*C 38 Art Show Awards

By Popular Vote

Best In Show:  Twins by Kate Nuernberg
Best In Con Theme:  God of Hammers? by Kate Nuernberg
Best in SF:  You Could Be More by Kate Nuernberg
Best in Fantansy:  Baba Yaga's House by Lubov
Best in Humor/Cartoon:  Dynamic Duo by Kate Nuernberg
Best Portrait:  Token White Guy by Kate Nuernberg
Best in 3-D/Glass/Ceramaic:  The Spider Spins by Suzy Rosema
Best in Fabric/Needlework:  Daleks To The Left of Me by Seth Cutts & Jesse McClain
Best Critter:  Sea Dragon by Theresa Mathers
Best in Cop/Investigator/Spy:  Nobody's As Bold As Bodie by Kate Nuernberg
2 Cute 2 Live:  Bat Dragon by Ursula Sandmann
Personal Favorite:  Twins by Kate Nuernberg

2018 Fan Quality Awards


MW*C 38 Masquerade

Ode from an Old Quantum Leap Fan
Best In Show

Ode From an Old Quantum Leap Fan
Lorraine Anderson

Best Crowd Direction
The Storyteller
Brenda (Middlebrook) Gasahl

You Gotta Have a Dragon
Best Duet
You Gotta Have a Dragon or You Oughta Have a Dragon
Linnese Dawe

Chairman of the Unboarded
Best Comedic Song
Chairman of the Unboarded
Bob Dawe

Storm (Pre-Brood)
Best Superhero
Storm (Pre-Brood)
Cheri "Elaine" Tripp

Judges: Kelly Dwyer, Nikki Wegrzyn

Batcow v. SuperAndre
Batcow v. SuperAndre

Batcow provided Bat-trivia during judges' deliberations.

Suit of many colors
Scott Clark wore a fabulous suit, but did not enter.


384 – Barbara Gompf

Professionals as Superheroes
Professionals as Superheroes
Professionals as Superheroes
104/106/108 – Krisser

Women Superheroes
Women Superheroes
109 – Emma Abraham, Karen Brandl, Sues Wargo, Deb Johnson

Good Omens
Good Omens
159 – Linda K. James

Will Exit
Will Exit
223 – Nancy Kolar, Michael Mullen

Happy Birthday Superman
Happy Birthday Superman/Superfriends
308/164 – Cheri “Elaine” Tripp

275, 226, 219, 239, 335, 253

The Capture

The Capture art by Phil Foglio

The Capture by Bob Asprin and illustrated by Phil Foglio (1976 Hugo nominee!) was performed in the Fannish Video Room Saturday night.

The Capture being performed at MW*C 38
Presented by Paula Smith and voiced by Bill Dyer, Sharon Ferraro, Carol Lynn, and Gordon Carleton.

Fannish Video Awards

There were not enough entries, so no awards given.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Not-Dead-Yet-Dog Panel
A Not-Dead-Yet-Dog panel was held at the con Sunday morning in Delta Central.  As the crowd was larger than anticipated, the room was opened up to include Delta West.

Many voiced their thoughts, and some even volunteered to help with areas we've needed help with!  Topics covered a wide range, from welcoming newcomers to signage.  The panel was productive enough that it was extended well into the next hour (Apologies to the panelists who were bumped).

Dead-Dog Panel
The regular Dead Dog panel was also held as usual Monday morning.

Thanks  to everyone for the use of their photographs!

Thanks to Mini-Komix for their donation of publications for prizes!
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