MediaWest*Con 31 - May 27-30, 2011 - 31 Flavors of Fandom!

MediaWest*Con  31

May 27-30, 2011

31 Flavors of Fandom!

Have a cup or cone of your fannish favorites, sample the latest flavors, or indulge in a hot fudge sundae of multiverses. I scream, you scream, we all scream for -- well, you know...

is the definitive gathering of SF/Media fandom, held each Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing Michigan.  MediaWest*Con is sponsored by T’Kuhtian Press as a celebration of the diversity of SF/Media fandom, run by fans, for fans, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  MediaWest*Con traditionally features the Art Show and Auction, Fanzine Reading Room, Fannish Videos, Masquerade, Dealers Room, SF/Media Fan Fund, Fan Quality Awards, a Con Suite (AKA Hospitality Suite) and a Party Suite, and many, many panels on a wide variety of topics representing many areas of interest.  Programming is determined by member input and participation; a form for suggesting topics will be included in a future Progress Report.  Programming is intended for an adult audience;  we do not censor adult themes in panel topics or in the Art Show.  We have no official guests.  The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.
Once again, MediaWest*Con 31 will be held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011.  As always, programming will be determined by member input and participation. We urge you to register early, so you can participate in planning for MW*C 31.

Due to increased costs in postage, bank charges, etc., the cost of Attending membership for people outside the US will be slightly higher.
All Attending memberships postmarked after Dec. 31, 2010 are $50/$55 outside the US, until either Attending membership limits of 900 is reached or May 23, 2011, whichever comes first.  NO MEMBERSHIPS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR.  Memberships are NOT transferable.  Memberships are subject to acceptance.
GoFers receive a greatly discounted membership rate of $15 (as low as Supporting!) for working a minimum of 10 hours during the four days of the con.  We will try to accommodate specific scheduling requests based on the order they are received.
Supporting memberships are $15. All non-attending Art Show participants must be at least Supporting members. Supporting members will receive all Progress Reports and other membership materials, will be entitled to nominate and vote for Fan Q’s, as well as be eligible for a discount on Attending membership to next year’s con.
Apocryphal memberships are $1, for live animals, stuffed animals, or alternate identities.
Single day passes and children’s memberships are NOT available.  Babes in arms and children in direct control of parents or guardians at all times do not need memberships; if a child is old enough to be on his/her own, they need an Attending membership.
PAYMENT:  Checks should be made payable to MediaWest*Con, in US funds from US banks only, please;  money orders should be made out to Lori Chapek-Carleton.
Credit card payments will only be accepted online through PayPal (not a link to PayPal site).
IMPORTANT:  Be certain to list your address including ZIP + 4 & phone number including area code. You may be listed under a fannish name if you wish, but we must also have your legal name for our records.  Only the fannish name will be printed in PRs, but we will print legal names on the mailing labels unless you have a legitimate reason not to (such as personal security issues), as we have had problems with the PO not delivering to fannish names — and please remember what name you are registered under, so we can find you next year!
Mail memberships to:  MediaWest*Con 31, 200 E. Thomas St., Lansing MI 48906-4047 USA

For other info, e-mail:
We will try to accommodate all membership changes (new memberships, converting from Supporting to Attending, or from Attending to Supporting, etc.) received up to the May 1 deadline. Attending members who are unable to attend may be switched to Supporting, $15 will be held for the conversion, and the balance they paid will be refunded; after the first Progress Report is mailed, full refunds will only be made in cases of personal hardship. No membership changes or refunds will be made after the May 1 deadline.
Progress Reports will be sent to members, including such things as Fan Q nomination forms and ballots, Fan Fund nomination forms and ballots, Art Show space reservation request forms, and other useful information. Art Show rules and space reservation request form will be included in a future PR.
Once you have registered as a MediaWest*Con 31 attendee, you will be eligible to get a place on the host hotel’s room reservation request list (see instructions) .   A number of rooms are held for MW*C members with physical handicaps (or members who become handicapped);  such members must still submit the reservation request form, check the “physical hardship” box,  and include a doctor’s note or other documentation of their qualifying disability.

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Official MW*C 31 Weblog

The Official MW*C 31 Weblog is now online! This is intended to take the place of the Yahoo group we previously used for updates between Progress Reports, and does not need a Yahoo acoount to access.  Members may subscribe to receive the blog updates or check periodically at their convenience.

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Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be sent to members with info you should know before arriving at the con. PRs generally include Fan Q nomination form and ballot, SF/Media Fan Fund nomination form and ballot, panel suggestion form, Art Show rules and space reservation request form, Party Suite request form, and souvenir order form.

PRs will be sent as an attached file in PDF (Portable Document Format) to all members who provide an e-mail address unless they request PRs to be mailed. PRs in PDF will include all the same info and forms as PRs on paper.

PR1 has been published.  Click here for PR1 in PDF.

PR2 has been published.  Click here for PR2 in PDF.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDFs. If you do not already have it, click here for a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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The final schedule grid is now available.

Final Program Grid (PDF)
-- Dawn & Elyse

Programming at MW*C is determined by member input and participation.

Programming and Party Suite info can be found via:

Yahoo Groups:


e-mail to

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Fan Q

Click here for info on the Fan Quality Awards, including the 2011 Fan Q Ballot.

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SF/Media Fan Fund

Click here for 2011 Fan Fund nomination form. Support the Fan Fund!

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Fannish Video

Click here for Fannish Video Competition info.

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Art Show

Click here for Art Show Rules and printable Space Reservation Request Form.
Click here for Art Show Rules and Space Reservation Request Form in PDF.
Art Show rules and space reservation request form will also be in Progress Report 2.

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Click here for Masquerade entry form.

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Click here for info on traveling to Lansing MI.

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Programming will be in the Lansing Causeway Bay Hotel/Convention Center. Click here for more detailed hotel info.

MW*C 31 members may participate in the early hotel reservation request process by using the online form before July 1.

New members who sign up after July 1, 2010 may be added to the waiting list by following the same procedure (see hotel info for instructions). A number of rooms are held for MW*C members with physical handicaps (or members who become handicapped); such members must still submit the reservation request form, check the "physical hardship" box, and include a doctor's note or other documentation of their qualifying disability.

Click here for info on nearby "overflow" hotels.

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You must be a registered member of MW*C 31 to be eligible for space in the Dealers' Room or on Dealers' Row (Hall Dealers). Click here for more Dealers Room info.

Orphan 'Zines

The Orphan 'Zine Table is provided for the convenience of those who have too few 'zines to need a table of their own, and for those who may be unable to attend and want their 'zines represented at MW*C.

E-mail or (cc-ing or send a SASE to MW*C 31 Orphan ‘Zine Table, c/o Margaret Basta, PO Box 1944, Dearborn MI 48121-1944 for info.

Orphan 'Zine payments may also be made through PayPal.

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