Pirates of the MediaWest*Con May 25-28, 2007

MediaWest*Con 27 -- May 25-28, 2007

Avast, me hearties! MediaWest*Con 27 was dedicated to buccaneers, brigands, & dread pirates. Be ye Corellian smugglers, mirror universe rogues, or denizens of the deep, buckle your swash & set sail for high adventure!

If ye be landlubbers, prepare to be shanghaied!



Once again, MediaWest*Con 27 was held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-28, 2007. As always, programming was determined by member input and participation.

Fandoms represented in programming included 300, Alias Smith & Jones, Alien Nation, Anime/Manga, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Boston Legal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, comics, CSI/Miami/NY, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sara Jane Adventures, Doc Savage, Dresden Files, Enterprise, Eureka, Farscape, Christine Feehan, Firefly/Serenity, Galaxy Quest, Laurell K. Hamilton, Heroes, House, Jericho, Law & Order, Lost, Magnificent 7, Man from UNCLE, Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, NASA, NCIS, Nip/Tuck, Andre Norton, Numb3rs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Prison Break, Psych, Quantum Leap, Real Ghostbusters, Sentinel, The Sims, Smallville, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek, Star Wars, Studio 60, Supernatural, vampires, Wild Wild West, Xena, and more.

Fan Q

Click here for the 2007 Fan Quality Award Winners.

SF/Media Fan Fund

Yum@ was the winner of the 2007 SF/Media Fan Fund. She attended MW*C 27.

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Fannish Video

Click here for 2007 Fannish Video Competition Winners.

Art Show Awards

By Popular Vote
Best In Show:
Star Wars: 30 Years by Laura Quiles
Best SF:
Star Wars: 30 Years by Laura Quiles
Best Fantasy:
Kendrah the Huntress by Scott Rosema
Best 3-D:
Star Wars: 30 Years by Laura Quiles
Best Critter:
Dr D Pierce by Ursula Sandmann
Best Needlework:
Return of Fandom Quilt* by Gail Felipe & Seth Cutts
Best Glass:
What's New Pussycat? by Laura Wootan
Best Cartoon:
Too Cute To Live by Leah Rosenthal
Best Portrait:
You Beauty! by Karen River
Best Jewelry:
From the Ruins of Rivendell by Siouxie Sherman
Best Investigator:
Night Owl by Scott Rosema
Best Horror:
Evil by Scott Rosema
2 Cute 2 Live:
My Favorite Toy by Jesse McCLain

*Fandoms represented in the quilt: 1 King Kong, 2 Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, 3 Babylon 5, 4 Tales of the Gold Monkey, 5 Wild Wild West/Have Gun Will Travel, 6 Die Hard, 7 Bones, 8 NCIS, 9 House, 10 Dresden Files, 11 Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 12 Nero Wolf

Identified the most fandoms represented in the quilt: Alesia, Marge Baskin, Grace Lisa

Masquerade Awards

MW*C 27 Masquerade

Best In Show

costume photo

Riverdance Meets LOTR or Dances With Elves
Samantha Powell, Victoria Gold, Nola Thompson, Kelly Lowry

Worst Dressed Tourist

costume photo

Borat (& Barbie) of the Caribbean
Peter Cooper

Audience Choice Award & Worst Identity Crisis

costume photo

The Dread Pirates Robert
Karl Etheridge, Paula Neier, Kelly Dwyer, Lance Dwyer

Workmanship Award

costume photo

Royal Lady or ?
Beverly Brownlee

Most Likely To Be Stew

costume photo

Bunnies: The Farewell Tour
Julie Garner, Ashley Harp

Workmanship Award

costume photo

Painted Pappillon
Brenda Gasahl

Best Before & After

coasume photo

First Year Harry, Harry When He Finally Graduates
Devin Bucke, Gretchen Kopmanis

Audience Drawing Winner: Hollz Ballz

Door Decoration Winners

Best In Show

door photo

323 Save The Cheerleader, Save The Con!

Best Single Fandom

door photo

258 Mohinder's Map (Are You On The List?)

Best Multi-Fandom

door photo

443 Name That TV Theme Song

Best Humor

door photo

333 Stargate Atlantis Motivator

Best Crossover

door photo

282 Changes

Best Graphic Design

door photo

513 A Fannish Library

Best Multi-Character

door photo

530 Save The Heroes

Best Presentation

door photo

547 LOTR: Fragments of Grace

Best Use of Fandom in a PhD Subject

door photo

454 Applied Mathematics of Fandom

Best Interactive

door photo

421 Stargate of Fortune

Best Use of Con Theme

door photo door photo

228 & 229 What Happens On Board... Stays On Board

Best Slash

227 Slash Broadcasting Network

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