MediaWest*Con 25, Episode XXV -- Revenge of the 25th

MediaWest*Con 25 -- May 27-30, 2005

MediaWest*Con is the definitive gathering of SF/Media fandom, held each Memorial Day Weekend in Lansing Michigan. MediaWest*Con is sponsored by T'Kuhtian Press as a celebration of the diversity of SF/Media fandom, run by fans, for fans, and is staffed entirely by volunteers. MediaWest*Con traditionally features the Art Show and Auction, Fanzine Reading Room. Fannish Videos, Masquerade, Dealers' Room, SF/Media Fan Fund, Fan Quality Awards, a Con Suite (AKA Hospitality Suite) and a Party Suite, and many, many panels on a wide variety of topics representing many areas of interest. Programming is determined by member input and participation; a form for suggesting topics will be included in a future Progress Report. Programming is intended for an adult audience; we do not censor adult themes in panel topics or in the Art Show. We have no official guests. The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.




Once again, MediaWest*Con 25 was held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2005. As always, programming was determined by member input and participation.

Fandoms represented in programming included 24, Angel, Anime/Manga, Battlestar Galactica, Blake's 7, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, comics, CSI, Deadwood, Discworld, Doctor Who, Due South, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter, Highlander, Horatio Hornblower, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Lord of the Rings, Jean Lorrah, Lost, Magnificent 7, Anne McCaffrey, Mystery, NASA, Andre Norton, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean. Real Ghostbusters, JD Robb, Sentinel, Smallville, Kevin Smith, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Starsky & Hutch, Star Wars, Tru Calling, UNCLE, Vampires, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wild, Wild West, Xena: Warrior Princess, X-Men, and more.

Fan Q

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SF/Media Fan Fund

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Fannish Video

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Art Show Awards

By Popular Vote

Best In Show: Three Faces of Richard Dean Anderson by Jesse McClain

Science Fiction: The Coming Dark by Jesse McClain

Fantasy: Chickadees by Heather Bruton

Detective: Can I Still Serve & Protect by Jessse McClain

Secret Agent: Say UNCLE by Kate Nuernberg & Sally Budd

Animation: Kill Bill by Mike Cole

Humor: Elf Defense by Leah Rosenthal

3-D: Dragon Hatchling by Kelly Dwyer

Fabric: Spawn of Eye Candy* by Seth Cutts & Gail Felipe

Western: Seven by Annie West

Horror: It's Always the Blood by Laura Quiles

Portrait: All Turns to Silver Glass by Kate Nuernberg & Sally Budd

Critter Dragon Hatchling by Kelly Dwyer

Too Cute to Live: If The Shoe Fits... by Jesse McClain

Honorable Mention: To Hell With This "Too Cute To Live" Crap by Kate Nuernberg

Judge's Choice:

Spirit Guide: Fox by Karen River

Sapphire by Heather Bruton

Sith Lord by Mike Cole

*Fandoms represented in the Spawn of Eye Candy quilt: Jurassic Park, Magnum PI, Galaxy Quest, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Numbers, Quantum Leap, Zorro, Lost, Miami Vice

Masquerade Awards

Best In Show & Best Young Fan

Trust a G'ou'ld? Nola Thompson, Samantha Powell, Kelly Lowrey, Victoria Gold

Best Humor

Maybe Newer Isn't Better -- Laura Wootan, David Wootan

Best Workmanship

The Want Ad -- Paula Kesler

Best Characterization

The New Apprentice -- June Edwards, Angela Varesano

Best Original & Audience Choice

A Writer's Nightmare -- Julie Garner, Ashley Harp

Weirdest Presentation

It's A Spider, Darth -- Peter Cooper

Best Multi-Part

French Highwayman -- Kelly Dwyer, Karl Etheridge, Paula Neier, Wolf

Best Cross-Genre Fusion

A Marriage Made In Hell -- Mark Cogan, Leslie Dannenberger, Joe Dorffner, Sophia Kelly Schultz

2005 Door Decorating Winners

Stargate Atlantis door

Best In Show: Rm 510 Stargate Atlantis
By: Linda K. James, Richard Sacks Wilner

Best Multi-Fandom: Rm 348 Hero Sandwich
By: Rachelle Stein, Joyce Hindman

Best Graphic Design: Rm 326 Newsstand (Multi)
By: Ana Man, Cathy Lussier

Best Ongoing Narrative: Rm 508 Without A Trace (Multi)
By Sue Glasgow, Sophia Mulvey, Karen Travers, Carol Kohn, Carol Yavelak

Best Crossover: RM 309 The Quest for the One (Blue) Spoon (SW, LotR, Cereal)
By: Elsbeth, Walks with Cellphone, Marigold

Best Slash: Rm 482 When They were Sergeants (S & H)
By: Blue Starsky

Best Display of Photos: Rm 357 Annie & Londa Door: Annie's Latest Obsession (Gerard Butler & Multi)
By: Ann Walton, Londa Pfeffer, Cinda Gillilan

Best Popular Culture: Rm 556 That 70's Door (70's era TV/Movies, Life)
By Susan Bartholomew, Sarah Bartholomew, Sam Bullock

Best Humor: Rm 380 The Real Hogwarts: Harry Porker & the Chamber of Varmints
By: Caroline Quinn, Sue Wells, Laura Waight, Mark Swing

Best Multi-Character: Rm 321 Rest in Peace…Or Not (Multi)
By: Sandy Hall, Carrie Rocke, Amanda Hall, Crystal Hall

Best Single Fandom: Rm 431 Light of the Force (SW)
By: June M. Edwards

Best Single Character: Rm 532 Snark on a Stick (House)
By Gena Fisher

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