MediaWest*Con 2001: A Fan Odyssey

May 25-28, 2001

Ape men surround Han Solo in carbonite

The name MediaWest*Con is a service mark of MediaWest*Con.





Once again, MediaWest*Con 21 was held in Lansing, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-28, 2001. As always, programming was determined by member input and participation.

Fandoms represented in panels at MW*C 2001 included Alien Nation, Andromeda, Angel, Babylon 5, Beauty & the Beast, Anita Blake, Bordertown, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lois McMaster Bujolds, CSI, Charmed, Crocodile Hunter, Dark Angel, Doc Savage, Due South, ER, Earth:  Final Conflict, Emergency, Farscape, Freedom, Harry Potter, Highlander, Horatio Hornblower, I Spy, Invisible Man, Iron Chef, Junkyard Wars, Kung Fu:  The Legend Continues, La Femme Nikita, Law & Order, Lexx, Lone Gunmen, Lord of the Rings, Magnificent 7, Man from UNCLE, Max Headroom, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Pretender, Professionals, Quantum Leap, Queer as Folk, Rat Patrol, Real Ghostbusters, Remember WENN, Roswell, Sentinel, Seven Days, Shadowchasers, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Silk Stalkings, Sopranos, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Starman, Starsky & Hutch, Doctor Who, Total Recall 2070, Voyage of the Unicorn, West Wing, Wiseguy, Xena, X-Files, and more.


Masquerade Awards

We would appreciate any photos of Masquerade winners.

MW*C 21 Masquerade

Young Fan

Best  Young Anime: Sakura Avalon -- Kelly Lowrey

Best Up & ComingYoung Wizard: Hary Potter -- Kenny Keisel

Doggin' It In The Everglades Award: Crocodile Hunter Sam, her right hand & best mate Kelly & featuring the lovely Swedish Anna Conda & the dangerous & ferocious Max the Crocodile -- Samantha Powell, Kelly Lowry, Maxwell Powell

Adult Fan

Most Historically Accurate & Best Regimental Award: Member of the Royal Highland Regiment (approx. 1750-1770's) -- Scott Hutchinson.


Fan Q

Click here for info on the 2001 Fan Quality Awards.


Fan Fund

Click here for info on the 2001 SF/Media Fan Fund


Fannish Video


Art Show Awards

Popular Vote

Science Fiction: Elemental Energy by Jesse McClain

Fantasy: The Silent Place by Heather Bruton

Detective: Partners by Jesse McClain

Secret Agent: Open Channel D by Kate Nuernberg & Sally Budd

Animation: Nudge Nudge Wink Wink by Mike Cole

Humor: A Clone Again, Naturally by Leah Rosenthal

3-D: Magic Box by Anne Fredericks

Fabric: Gargoyle by Kelly Dwyer

Western: McQueen by Lucy Seaman

Horror: William the Bloody... Awful Poet by Kate Nuernberg & Sally Budd

Portrait: Roman Spectacle by Frank V. Liltz

Critter: Crouching Tabby, Hidden Agenda by Karen River

Best in Show: The Silent Place by Heather Bruton

Too Cute to Live: Crouching Tabby, Hidden Agenda by Karen River


Door Decoration Contest

Best in Show

Memorial Day 2001

Memorial Day 2001 (548) Linda James

Funniest Door

Space: The Crowded Frontier

Space: The Crowded Frontier (484) Sue Glasgow, Sophia Molvey, Karen Travers, Carol Kohn

Science Fiction

Hogwart's Express

First Prize: Hogwart's Express (326) Michelle Beneditto

Second Prize: Memorial Day 2001 (548) Linda James

Third Prize: The Monolith Revealed (308) Janet Schmidt

Non-Science Fiction

We Can Build It!

First Prize: We Can Build It! (323) Christina Getrost

Second Prize: Standish Tavern (469) Lady Viper

Third Prize:  Starsky & Hutch Game of LIfe (354) Kath Moonshine

Media Personality

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons

First Prize: Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons (536) June Edwards

Second Prize: If I Had My Life as a Fan to Live Over (313) Cindy Hudson & Sara McDonald

Third Prize: Richard Dean Anderson Name That Show (346) Mary Wendland.


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